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Do you want to be a part of empowering oppressed women, transforming communities in impoverished areas, releasing people from poverty, and giving homes to unwanted children? Gail did. That’s why she started Gail’s Girls.

Motivated to leverage the hard news and harsh realities of stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Gail Hamilton spent the remaining days of her life campaigning for these very causes in Southern Asia and now her family is inviting you to do the same.

Before her death, Gail partnered with two non-profits, Stadia in the U.S. and Enhance* in Southern Asia, to equip and empower men and women to transform their communities. They do this by providing education at many transformation hubs built by Enhance in Southern Asia. There, indigenous leaders learn practical skills to reach out to local communities. The students facilitate outreach and community development programs, aid and relief projects, new communities of support, and educational programs.

A unique piece to Enhance’s programming is the empowerment of women. Because of culture and caste system that exist, Southern Asia is a place where women are seen as “less-than” valuable and often experience oppression. This is especially true in the lower castes, with whom Enhance and Stadia specifically work. Through Gail’s Girls, Stadia and Enhance get the opportunity to provide education to women, teach them their worth and capabilities, and give them the tools to lead from their strengths within their communities.

Enhance currently has 55 transformation hubs that each educate 25 new leaders every year. Following their training, $6500 pays to support one graduate for 3 years as she/he embarks on community transformation in 3-6 communities. Gail’s Girls targets the support for 25 girls each year, a total annual goal of $162,500.

Gail’s fight with cancer was brutal, one she fought bravely and with grace. She passed on her determination and love for others to her four daughters—whom she called the “original Gail’s Girls.” And because of her influence, her family is committed to the same good work, changing lives of women on the other side of the planet in Southern Asia.

Please join Gail’s Girls in bringing light and hope in the face of darkness.